Colony Homes Built By Patriot - One Dream At A Time

SN391-04q2     We know choosing a new home is a challenging and sometimes a worrisome proposition.

     That is precisely why we are the industry leader
 -   We do right by you - making our home choices easy to understand, the options clear and concise and the worries to a minimum.

     Quality and Craftsmanship is a key reason why people build Colony Homes By Patriot!!! Colony homes are handcrafted by skilled carpenters, electricians and plumbers in a climate-controlled environment and constructed with the latest techniques, exacting standards, and quality materials. Materials are protected from the weather and homes are assembled to exacting specifications. Throughout each phase of the construction process, Colony's quality assurance team monitors workmanship to guarantee the highest standards. In addition, an independent inspection agency assures that each home is built in accordance to the stringent building code that applies to each particular home.

Why Build with Colony Factory-Crafted Homes? 3b-Kitchen

Would you buy a new car, and have it built in your yard? Or would you have a dishwasher assembled from scratch in your kitchen?
It makes sense to build perhaps the largest investment in your life inside, safe, with proven processes, skilled craftsman and engineers, and multiple internal and independent QC inspections the entire construction process.
Using proven engineering and construction techniques available only in controlled environments, Colony Homes can typically build a better home at a lower price than a comparable site-built home. We'll probably use more lumber, more fasteners, and more skilled employees. We get to use sophisticated tools - no worry about them getting wet. We use the same (or better!) quality materials and components. And because we build our homes 'inside' rather than 'outside'  you'll also have your home built when you need it - regardless of weather or other unexpected delays.
We are so confident with our construction capabilities, we welcome any prospective homeowner to visit the home-building plant. Just contact your local builder or retailer to set up the visit.
As part of The Commodore Corporation, our division can access the resources of one of the best-managed system-builders in the Midwest, mid-Atlantic, and Northeast. With roots since 1952, The Commodore Corporation has constructed homes with a focus on design, quality, and support. The Commodore Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of off-site constructed homes in North America, and one of the largest family-owned builders in the USA

Construction_Flyer_-_HUD_Homes_001What Makes Colony Homes So Different?
Experienced, Stable Work Force
     85% of of our Craftspeople have been with Colony for more than 20 Years
Full Line Manufacturer
     Featuring Entry Level Single Section Homes to Off Frame Modular Products
In-House Drafting Department
     Customizing to Meet Customer’s needs
     Quick Turn-Around Time for Special needs
Innovative Designs and Features
     7/12 Roof with Walk-up Attic
     Chef’s Choice Kitchen
     Comfort Cove Luxury Baths

100’s of Floor Plans
Nationally Recognized Energy Star Partner
Nationally Recognized Name Brand Appliances & Building Components
     General Electric
     Rheem Water Heaters
     Nordyne Furnaces
     Owens Corning Insulation & Shingles
     Shaw Carpet

10 Year Warranty standard or available on all products

EvermoreCabinetryBrochureCoverWhat Really Makes Colony Homes Built By Patriot Home Sales So Special?
If your kitchen is important to you, then wouldn't you want a great cabinet? Evermore Custom Cabinetry is a standard feature in  the Eastland, GrandVilla, Timberland, DeerCreek and Cornerstone series, and is available as an option in the Beacon. 
Evermore Custom Cabinets are constructed to the rigorous standards of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. This KCMA label is the same as you'll find in the best store-purchased or custom-built cabinets.
Evermore Custom Cabinets by Colony Homes are built to look great, built to meet your needs, and built to last. Click here to see some examples of why are cabinets are so much better.
Simply put, our cabinets are heavier, stronger, and built better. Our cabinets are regularly (and randomly) tested by KCMA representatives. Our cabinets need to pass many tests to meet KCMA standards, including:

                     Overhead cabinets rated to 500 pounds capacity;
                     Drawers opened 25,000 times - with weight;
                     Cabinet doors opened 25,000 times;
                     Harsh testing of cabinet finishes.

If your kitchen is a central part of your home and lifestyle,
make sure your next home has cabinets you deserve.


Check out our Evermore Custom Cabinet Brochure for more!


Energy Efficent Design Is A Top Priority For Colony Home

Colony Homes was honored again with the 2012 Leadership in Homes award by ENERGY STAR. Colony Homes is proud to have been honored for each of the of the past 6 years as a top ENERGY STAR qualified builder. ENERGY STAR qualified homes are quieter, and more comfortable, can have lower utility bills, and help protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What can  ENERGY STAR mean to you?

In 2011, the environmental impact of Colony Homes ENERGY STAR Qualified homes was the equivalent of:
          saving 1,500,00 pounds of coal
          planting 400 acres of trees
          saving the environment of over 2,500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide

Colony Homes Manufactured Homes either come standard as ENERGY STAR qualified or have this as an optional feature. Please refer to each model series’ Standard Feature List for details. Modular Homes can be built as ENERGY STAR ready. Again, most Colony Modular Home  floor plans are standard built as ENERGY STAR ready, however, in some series it may be optional. Also, understand that some customizations and options (such as excessive windows, doors and skylights) can affect a home’s qualification.