Financing your new dream home is an important part of the building process. And as with all other parts of the building process - We’re here to help! The residential home financing market is a highly competitive, highly complex mix of lending institutions. At Patriot Home Sales, Inc. we do not directly finance our homes. This as a benefit to our homeowners, not a disadvantage.

Because we don’t finance homes directly we are independent of the financial decisions you make. This assures you that we are not pressuring you to purchase one home over another based on our integration with the financial processes.

Additionally, as an independent voice in the financing process we can assist you in understanding your financing opportunities and we can use our 22+ years of experience to help introduce you to some of the reputable lenders and financial institutions our homeowners have found helpful in the past. At the same time we can help you research lenders of your choice – perhaps those whom you already conduct business with or those based in your hometown. These types of lenders may be even more competitive than national lenders because they live and work in the area they serve.

The lending markets change virtually on a day-to-day basis. Because we do not finance homes directly we do not claim to know about every individual lender’s current offerings. What we do know is that we have 22+ years of experience that can help guide you through the process. Let us help you clarify your current situation, the financing requirements you need, the expenses you may incur based on the dream home and building project you’re looking to undertake, and most importantly the payments you can afford.

We understand that the custom homes we build are not the only expenses you may need to finance – but we’re still here to help. We can help you put pen to paper to brainstorm the extents of your situation and what you need to achieve your dream – all of it.

Helpful Information

Land Home Packages:
   Looking to purchase land to place your new dream home on first? No problem! The purchase of the land and the new home can all be wrapped into one easy to understand financing package with just one low monthly payment. Need improvements to the property? Septic System? Well? Driveway? No problem! A wide variety of these improvements can be rolled into the same financing package as well. Clearly, their are many different lenders with an even larger variety of programs available. We’re here to help you get started on the process.

Modular Home Financing:
   A Modular Home is built to meet the same building code requirements as a “stick-built home” or “site-built home” in the same area. In this way financing for a Modular Home is widely treated the same as a new site-built home. Which means the same exciting mortgage interest rates, financing amounts and terms widely apply to a Modular Home.

Manufactured Home Financing:
   Financing a Manufactured Home is a highly competitive mix of available lending programs. A Manufactured Home is typically installed in a greater variety of “situations” than other types of housing. For instance, Manufactured Homes are often placed on private property that you own, or on property that you rent, or on property that you lease long-term, in Manufactured Home Communities, on full basement foundations, on crawl space foundations, on footer and block pier foundations, or in any number of other situations or mixes of the above. For this and many other reasons lenders and financial institutions vary widely in the way they handle and treat Manufactured Home financing. This is where our 22+ years of experience and the competitive financial markets come into play. We can help match your situation with those we have worked with in the past to help match you up with a financial institution. And, at the same time the competitive financial market helps create incentive for lenders to find a program that suits your project.

Most importantly, please understand we cannot represent the open financial markets, any particular lender or institution, the programs currently available or the situations and requirements of their financing. We’re here to help, but your independent and unbiased research equally as important. As always, it is crucial to clarify with each individual lender’s and institution’s specific definitions, terms, conditions, policies, interpretations, requirements, program specifics and other pertinent details.


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