The Extended Family Model HR150-AG - Floor Plan

The Extended Family Quick Specs

Base Model #:





41’-0” x 60’-0”



Sq. Ft.



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Additional Information

Pennwest Standard Features provides the details of what makes up this floor plan inside and out.

Additional Floor Plan Concept Sizes Available

The Extended Family floor plan concept is also available in a larger size known as The Extended Family II from the Pennflex II Series.

The Extended Family floor plan, like all of the floor plans in the Pennflex Series and Pennflex II Series, is designed to function as a complete home or as a building block to which optional Pennwest Bonus Rooms can be added. These optional Bonus Rooms provide both exciting interior space additions and extraordinary exterior designs. And, Yes, we can even customize the Bonus Rooms too! Take a look at the Pennflex Series PDF Brochure to see how various Bonus Rooms can be added onto our basic floor plans.

The Extended Family floor plan displayed above is a “standard floor plan” provided as “standard” purely as a convenience and a basic starting point for your ideas. Do not let this floor plan limit your dreams. We can customize this floor plan in almost infinite ways to suit you. Yes, we can make this floor plan larger or smaller too - adding or removing space where you want it. In fact, you don’t even need to use this floor plan at all. Submit your own floor plans, thoughts, ideas or descriptions and we can help draw up a completely customized floor plan. Of course, some limitations, such as, building codes, engineering and vendors do apply. Please consult a sales representative for further details.

HVAC System - Pennwest homes come standard with one of the highest quality HVAC systems available in the modular home industry. This system, standard – at no additional cost, includes a High Efficiency Gas Furnace, a complete air supply duct system, perimeter air supply registers, a complete air return duct system, air return grills placed strategically throughout the home and much more. Learn more about the Pennwest HVAC System. Other heat sources are available - including Oil, hot water baseboard elements and base board electric heat. Please see a Patriot Home Sales sales representative for further details.

Options / Upgrades - As part of our commitment to custom built homes our Pennwest homes are available with a wide range of customizable standard elements to add character to your home - all at minimal or no additional cost. Additional Options & Upgrades are available to add convenience, beauty and value to the home of your dreams. The Click To View Pennwest Options Brochure Pennwest Options Brochure (in PDF Format) highlights some of the Options & Upgrades available.

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The Extended Family Modular Home Artist's Rendering
The Extended Family